Who We Are

We pride ourselves on the fact that many of our Team members have been working at Brookfields for a long time, giving both Brookfields and our guests great continuity of care.

Brookfields' core Management team also have many years experience in their respective roles, successfully running Brookfields as a professional, caring and well organised establishment.

The Management team comprises of four key people who cover all aspects of the General Management, Administration and Nursing Care

24hr Nursing care is provided by Registered Nursing staff and fully trained Auxilliaries; we ensure that all staff are fully competent in every aspect of their assigned duties and that they carry out those duties with empathy.

Brookfields is committed to an open and honest approach in all matters. It fully endorses the principles of Being open and the Duty of Candour, and we make it the duty of both management and staff to follow this approach. Brookfields is committed to an open, honest and fair culture and the overall approach expected within the organisation is one of help and support.